INVITE ONLY Rewards Program

Our FIRST Rewards Program!




Why join this EXCLUSIVE Rewards Program?

  1. Because you LOVE Gorgeous Growth Hair!
  2. You would Love to get 50% off of your purchase today- and coupons for future orders
  3. You think your friends, family, and associates would appreciate a company like ours- and would also enjoy 50% off                                                                    

Current Rewards    Points                                 

Sign Up (free)                5

50% off  purchase        5

$60 off (free hair)         900

$20 off                          300

$10 off                          150

FREE SHIPPING            200

Note: points are not earned for any shipping fees, taxes or discounts applied.

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How do I earn Gorgeous Growth Dollars?

You can earn Gorgeous Growth Dollars in 3 Ways!

Action                      Points

REFER A FRIEND!    150/purchasing friend

Signing up!                 5 (Unlocks your 50% off coupon)

your purchases          1 $GG per $USD spent 


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How do I redeem rewards?

  1. Sign in to your account using small icon at bottom of page- or if prompted to by a pop up
  2. Click Reward Redemption
  3. Click Redeem reward (they are issued as coupon codes)
  4. Copy Coupon code
  5. Make purchase
  6. Paste coupon code after entering PayPal information and discounts will be reflected immediately


How do I Share This discount with my friends?

  1. Sign up 

    for this program- click/tap small icon at the bottom of the page (Says rewards on a phone or login on a computer) or by clicking on pop up
  2. enter email and password
  3. click on small icon again
  4. choose "INVITE FRIENDS EARN POINTS" option
  5. follow prompts


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