Maintaining the Health of Your Own Hair While Wearing a Weave

Here are steps in order to keep your own hair moisturized, cared for, and protected while you weave it up :D  A sew-in weave can give the best of both worlds - giving you creative styling options and protective hair care during the harshest winter months. 


Follow these simple DOs and DON’Ts then you can achieve instant length with extensions while growing out your own healthy, beautiful, natural hair. You will see that a weave can be the best accessory for any hair type!


DO - Wash your and steam treat your hair every two weeks. The rule for all hair types is to wash and condition your hair every 3 days. However this rule isn’t very effective for black women’s hair type. So we recommend every 2 weeks 

DO - Condition, Condition, Condition!! Never wet your hair without conditioning. Moisture equals water which means you need to have water on your hair constantly as often as possible. Using a PH Balance Conditioner between ph 3 - 4 will close the hair cuticle allowing the moisture to stay making it silky and smooth. Using other conditioners will allow the moisture to escape, because the conditionar did not close the cuticle.  


DO - Always comb any natural hair or curly hair WET to prevent unnecessary breakage.  (Including Curly Weave) 

DO - Hair that is relaxed and left out should be combed DRY. Relaxed hair doesn’t have any elastic because it doesn’t have much of curl pattern so wetting it will decrease the strength & is less elastic or pop back to it’s normal shape like natural hair does 


DON’T wear a dirty weave!! - When you Shampoo your hair  pay special care to focus on getting to your own scalp and scrubbing your scalp with the balls of your finger tips. Remember PH Balance shampoo- PH with a PH between 5 - 6. Using these shampoo base opens up the scalp so you can clean the hair properly  and remove any build up without stripping it of its natural oils 

DO - Allow your natural hair to dry after washing your hair.  DON’T GO to sleep with wet hair. Allow your hair to air dry or get underneath the hair dry until your hair is completely dry. So your cornrows aren’t soaked with water and smell like mildew.

Jeneveri The Owner
Jeneveri The Owner